PLEASE NOTE! This service will be discontinued on June 15, 2017. Read more

Securely receive files from anyone into your cloud storage

Works with:
Google Drive

An easy way to receive files - even big ones!


Receiving files is super easy. With only a few clicks, you can set up your unique upload page for files from your colleagues, clients, students, or anyone else.


All connections are secured with SSL encryption, and your upload page is protected by a password. You can also turn off the upload pages when you do not need them.


This is a free service, but if you like it, you are welcome to make a donation to help us keep it alive. We do not sell any information, and we do not send out spam.

Get started



When you register for an account, you can create multiple upload pages with unique addresses and passwords. You can connect each upload page with a cloud storage of your choosing.



You can share your unique upload page to people you want to receive files from. They only need the page address and the upload password to be able to send files to you.



Uploaded files will automatically be sent to your cloud storage into a specified folder. You can also turn on email notifications to receive lists of uploaded files.


What happens to the uploaded files?

The files uploaded through the dropittome service are only stored in the connected cloud services. These files are not stored in the dropittome servers or any third-party servers.

Why should I trust you and give you access to my cloud storage?

When you allow us to connect to your cloud storage, we only receive access to a specific folder. All your other files and folders remain untouched. You can deactivate this access at any time.

Who are you, and why did you create this service?

We created the dropittome service to meet the needs of an award-winning group of nerds currently working at Esmes Digital. Since we made it public in 2010, the service has helped over one million users from over 180 countries.

Is it really free?

Yes! You can use the service at no cost, but illegal or malicious use is not allowed - so don’t be that guy.

Can we have a branded version of this for our company?

Yes, you can. Just let us know what you need and we will certainly work something out for you.

Questions? Send us an email at